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Pinpointing Customer Addresses for Online Ordering in Wix Restaurants

What is address pinpointing?

When a customer orders delivery, we must locate their exact address to make sure it is covered by one of your delivery areas. Pinpointing requires your customers to enter a specific address that Google Maps recognizes.

When does pinpointing fail?

Unfortunately, some addresses are hard to pinpoint, and their location can only be approximated. This can happen for any of the following reasons:

  • A customer enters an incomplete address, e.g. a street address without a house number.

  • A customer has a non-standard address not recognized by Google Maps.

  • A customer requests delivery to a hotel or business and does not know the exact address. 

What does my customer see if pinpointing fails?

If pinpointing is enabled and we can't locate an address on the map, your customer is asked to enter a different address. 

Should I enable or disable pinpointing?

If you deliver mostly to areas with good map coverage, we advise you to leave pinpointing enabled. If you delivery to remote areas which are not fully covered by our map service providers, it is best to disable pinpointing to allow customers to enter approximate addresses.  

To allow customers to enter an approximate address:

  1. Open the Wix Restaurants dashboard.

  2. Click the Settings tab.

  3. Click the Online Ordering tab.

  4. Click Delivery.

  5. Click the Pinpointing Addresses toggle.

    • Enabled: Customers who enter an approximate address are prompted to enter an exact address  

    • Disabled: Customers will be allowed to enter an approximate address


During checkout, customers can add delivery instructions whether pinpointing is enabled or not.

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